Server Time: 09:03:23
Now Playing: 13/150
Version: 97MOD
Experience: MAX
Drops: MAX
Total Guilds: 10
Total Actives: 113
Total Accounts: 146
Total Characters: 224
Game Masters: 3
Max Users Online: 30

Account panel
  • PK Top 5
    # Character Killed PK Status
    1 Dkags 1238 Normal
    2 Arma 556 Normal
    3 Tautvis 500 Warning
    4 Meruem 451 Outlaw 2
    5 666STAN 355 Normal
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    Duel Top 5
    # Name Win Times Lose Times
    1 Care 3 1
    2 Tora 2 0
    3 Arma 1 0
    4 AntiKrisT 1 0
    5 kreuz 1 0
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    Who Online in web
    Total On Web: 0
    Total Guest: 0
    Total Accounts: 0
    Mu Online Private Servers
    Best Gamers
    Very Strong: SkyCableS
    Dark Wizard: MaxKill
    Dark Knight: suris
    Fairy Elf: ElfG
    Magic Gladiator: Babuska
    Best Gamer: oWnage
    Best Guild: PINOY
    Top Guild
    # Guild Score Guild Master
    1 PINOY 1 Care
    2 INFINITY 0 Tora
    3 Ghost 0 Arma
    4 BeasT 0 Alpha
    5 BaneadoS 0 BANNED
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    Questions System
    Do you Like our new server files?
    1. Yes 5
    2. Maybe 0
    3. I dont know 1
    Total Answers: 6
    Events Time
    Blood Castle:
    Devil Square:
    Chaos Castle:
    Server Information
    About server
    Goldens in MAPS YES respawn time every 1 hour
    Boss move /kundun - resp 2hours after kill /erohim - resp 4hours after kill /ggd - resp 5hours after kill
    Box Of Kundun in Shop Offline
    Atuo Drop Event YES 3 times per day
    Jevels FROM MODB!
    Evenets Tikets In shop Yes
    All Skills In shop Yes
    2nd quest Items In shop Yes
    2 lvl wings in shop Yes
    Drop Rate MAX
    Chaos Mashine rate 60%
    BC Reward Custom items Yes
    CC Reward Custom items Yes
    Max Stats 32,767
    Server Online 24/7
    Blood Castle Each 2h
    Chaos Castle Each 2h
    Character Commands
    /post Use /post for send global message in server
    /attack Use /attack for auto attack mobs
    /pick Use /pick to pick jewels liek /pick bless/soul/jol/jof
    /evo Use /evo to evolve your character
    /pk Use /pk to clar your pk
    /setchest 0/1/2/3/4/5 Use /setchest to set different chest(vault)
    /openchest Use to open set chest(vault)
    /zen Use /zen 2000000000
    /move command works without move example /lorencia Custome Moves: lorencia2/3/4 race, bar, hanzo, mage, dungeon2/3/4, devias2/3/4, church, noria2/3, arena1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11, atlans2/3/4/5 ICARUS/2/3/4
    Economic: Jewels
    3D CAMERA enable/disable F10 back to normal F11
    Game Masters Commands
    /trace Use /trace nick
    /moveall Use /moveall map number X Y
    /status Use /status nick for see character statistics